Caramelized Pear, Brie and Honey Tartines

  Caramalised Pear, Brie and Honey Tartines It’s about this time of year when assessment and exams begin that my desire for bread (i.e. carbs) really kicks in. Who doesn’t love a good sandwich… and that’s basically what a tartine is right? A fancy french name for an open faced sandwich.

I’m a firm believer that any traditional recipe should pay homage to its origins. My beloved foodie icon, Rachel Khoo, also shares this belief and this tartine recipe was initially inspired by her fig, goat’s cheese and walnut tartine from Little Paris Kitchen.

Caramalised Pear, Brie and Honey Tartines Caramalised Pear, Brie and Honey Tartines

I created this tartine recipe by throwing together some of my favourite in-season pairings… caramelised pears are piled on-top creamy melted brie and drizzled generously with honey and a sprinkle of thyme and smoked salt. Each bite bursts with a slightly sweet and creamy but smoky salted flavour.

Caramalised Pear, Brie and Honey Tartines Caramalised Pear, Brie and Honey Tartines

The pears are mouth-watering – dipped in honey, sprinkled with thyme and then roasted in a hot oven until a deep caramelisation blisters the skin. The roasted pears become sweeter, juicier and the caramelised sugar enhances the pear flavour. The thyme and honey also further accentuates this flavour and adds a sharp complexity when paired with the oozy melted brie and the crusty crunch of sliced bread.

Caramalised Pear, Brie and Honey Tartines

This recipe is so simple. Take a slice of rustic bread (mine is a dark rye cobb with walnuts and sour cherries) top with in-season produce, spread with good quality cheese and placed under the grill until golden and nearly melting. Then drizzle with honey and garnish with fresh herbs.

This tartine recipe is simple and quick yet sophisticated and also complex. Perfect to be eaten and served as a light brunch or even devoured reclining in the comfort of home, revising over a text book, just like me.

Caramalised Pear, Brie and Honey Tartines
Serves 4
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  1. 4 Ripe Corella Pears
  2. 250g Triple Cream Brie
  3. 4 tbs of Honey
  4. 4 Fresh Thyme Sprigs
  5. 1 loaf of crusty bread or baguette
  6. Extra thyme, watercress and smoked salt to garnish
  1. Preheat an oven to 180 degrees.
  2. Thinly slice the pears on a mandolin. Once slice, place the pears on a baking tray with baking paper.
  3. Drizzle or brush generously with honey. Sprinkle with thyme, smoked salt and cracked black pepper.
  4. Place the pears in the oven and roast for 15 minutes or until brown and beginning to caramelize, then remove from oven and let stand.
  5. Cut the crusty bread into slices and top with chopped slices of the brie.
  6. Change the already pre-heated oven to grill mode.
  7. Place the bread and brie under the grill until the brie just begins to melt and the bread begins to brown. Remove from the oven.
  8. Top the bread with the caramelized pears, extra thyme, cracked black pepper and a sprinkle of brie (if desired).
  9. Place under the grill and let toast and melt for 3-5 minutes or until the cheese has fully melted and the toast is beginning to brown further and crisp.
  10. Remove from the oven, season and garnish with watercress, thyme and an extra drizzle of honey and serve hot.
butter and brioche
Caramalised Pear, Brie and Honey Tartines


  1. This looks delightful!

  2. There is something very heavenly about the ingredients you combined here! My mouth is seriously watering! Pinned!
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  5. Pear…Brie..and Honey?! This is heavenly! Sounds absolutely delicious.

    xoxo Sarah Grace, Fresh Fit N Healthy.
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  9. Your tartines look fabulous. I love the combination of pear, brie and honey.

  10. Oh. My. Word. I want one (or four) of these right now. What a stunning combination of flavors.
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  11. Those tartines look gorgeous! Great way to use pear and I can’t wait to try out! Really love the honey idea. So delicious and healthy!

  12. What a lovely and absolutely delicious looking brioche snack! Love the addition of the thyme!
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  15. I love a good tartine. I’d eat my sandwiches open faced every time if I could. I never thought of trying pear on a sandwich – this looks absolutely delicious. Pinning to try soon! Thanks, Thalia!
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  16. Thalia, your tartines look heavenly! And what a gorgeous blog you have here. Such a treat to visit:)
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  17. Okay these tartines look like came straight out of a beautiful cafe in Paris!!! Caramelized pears in honey baked with brie – Deee-lish! And the hearty, rustic bread you’ve described has my mouth watering :D Also, I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who craves carbs during exams!! Good luck!
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  18. Wow these look and sound amazing! We love all the ingredients with this tartines /bruschettas especially since pears are our favorite!

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  20. Yum! These look so delicious. I love tartines – although at home we just call them “mini-toasts”! I love the flavors of warm fruit and toasty cheese together – one of my faves. Thanks for your comment too! ;)

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  65. wow, what a lovely and healthy sweet bites,
    savoury brie with blistered caramelized and sweet pear musr be superb!!!
    i think i’m gonna made this for my pregnant sister,

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