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The Zoe Report

Sofia Coppola’s, The Beguiled  & here 

Bake from Scratch Magazine 9 Baking Bloggers to Follow

The Huffington Post 13.4.17 The Best Rhubarb Recipes To Make This Spring

eHow 7.3.17 52 Faces: Thalia Ho

BuzzFeed 24.12.16 16 Delicious Pomegranate Desserts to Eat This Winter

Bake from Scratch Magazine (print) Jan/Feb 2017 9 Food Bloggers You Should Know 

BuzzFeed 26.11.16 18 Insanely Scrumptious Ways to Devour More Maple This Winter

SAVEUR: 2016 Saveur Blog Awards, Editor’s & Reader’s Choice Winner in Best Baking & Sweets

SAVEUR: Meet the SAVEUR Blog Awards Finalists: 6 Outstanding Baking Blogs

Teen Vogue 20 Baking Instagrams to Follow Right Now

BuzzFeed 9.7.16 15 Mesmerising Cakes You Absolutely Have to Eat This Summer

Brit+Co 18.5.16 21 Surprising Ways to Serve Champagne at Your Bridal Shower

Elle Decor 11.4.16 13 Pretty (And Delicious!) Mother’s Day Desserts

Elle France 7.4.16 13 Great Ideas for a Sublime Pie

BuzzFeed 12.3.16 21 Tie-Dyed Foods That Are Actual Works of Art

BuzzFeed 26.2.16 17 Red Carpet Worthy Desserts

Brit+Co 17.2.16 14 Earl Grey Recipes to Have With Your Cup o’ Tea

Huffington Post 12.2.16 Valentine’s Day Baking

The Kitchn 11.2.16 11 Sweet Ways to Eat Roses This Valentine’s Day

Red Online 10.2.16 Crepe Cake Recipes You Need to Try

Huffington Post 26.1.16 32 Non-Traditional Chinese New Year Recipes

Food52 28.11.15 8 Food Blog Links we Love

Brit+Co 22.11.15 17 Sweet and Tangy Pomegranate Recipes You Have to Try

Food52 31.10.15 8 Food Blog Links we Love

Mydomainehome 2.10.15 The Most Mouthwatering Toast Recipe’s We’ve Ever Seen

Cosmopolitan Greece Delicious Comfort Food Recipes for Fall

Food52 16.9.15  Winner of Your Best Recipe with Zucchini or Summer Squash + Winner’s Q&A Interview

Cosmopolitan France 10 Savory Tartine Recipes

Yahoo! Food 1.8.15 The Cakes You Loved the Most in July

Yahoo! Style UK 28.7.15 9 Cakes that are Perfect for Summer

Yahoo! Food 24.7.15 Cake of the Day

Lace and Lilacs 6.6.15 Lovely Little Inspiration: Thalia Ho of Butter & Brioche

Food52 20.6.15 8 Food Blog Links we Love

Camille Styles 29.5.15 16 Best Birthday Cake Recipes

The Kitchn 14.5.15 Delicious Links

Food52 2.5.15 8 Food Blog Links we Love

TheKitchn 28.4.15 14 Pinterest Accounts to Follow if You Love Baking

Yahoo! Food 1.3.15  February’s Best Cakes

Brit+Co 20 Citrusy Recipes to Ring in Chinese New Year

The Huffington Post 13.2.15 

Food52 13.2.15 8 Food Blog Links we Love

Yahoo! Food 12.2.15 Cake of the Day

TheKitchn 12.2.15 Delicious Links

Food52, 23.1.15 8 Food Blog Links we Love

Bon Appetit 13.1.15 Make Perfect Granola by Avoiding these Common Mistakes

Eat In Eat Out Magazine Winter 2015

Brit+Co 21.1.15 Meals for One

Food52, 9.1.15 8 Food Blog Links we Love

Yahoo! Food 24.12.14 Cake of the Day

Brit+Co 10.12.14 Oh my Ganache: 16 Tempting Chocolate Recipes

TheKitchn 2.10.14 The Most Decadent Mac and Cheese Recipes

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