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Brioche Doughnuts with Matcha White Chocolate Glaze

Brioche Doughnuts with Matcha White Chocolate GlazeBrioche Doughnuts with Matcha White Chocolate Glaze

December. This heart full of tears and of night.” – Albert Camus, Notebooks.

The tree is up. The balsam branches wildly twinkled with warm lights, hints of gild. There’s tapered candles, and wood, woven stockings hung on brass animal-esque ornaments. I could go on and on, but I won’t. It’s become hard to embrace the Christmas season. Not, because I don’t love it…I do, trust me, I do. It’s more that, lately, I’ve been feeling like there’s something missing, something I’m so desperately desiring to experience.

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White Chocolate and Tiramisu Doughnuts

White Chocolate and Tiramisu DoughnutsWhite Chocolate and Tiramisu Doughnuts

“What is to give light must endure burning” – Viktor E. Frankl

I’ve never really been down with all the food related holidays. Pies, cookies, popsicles. There seems to be a national food day to celebrate almost everything. It’s partly because I’m one of those people that find it impossibly hard to plan posts in advance. My cravings shift on whim. As does my styling and photography. It seems that the longer I sit on an un-published post, the more dissatisfied with it I become.

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Earl Grey Doughnuts with Pomegranate Glaze

Earl Grey Doughnuts with Pomegranate GlazeEarl Grey Doughnuts with Pomegranate Glaze

“Her body was wrapped in shadows like moth wings, like rose-petals.” – Stephen King, from the ‘Bag of Bones’

I am notoriously known for never wanting to back down from a delicious home-baked treat. And recently, I’ve found a newer (and arguably kinder) way to treat myself. Cake doughnuts! Baked doughnuts! Whatever you want to call them… they are a culinary revelation in my kitchen.

Have you ever made cake doughnuts? Prior to this, I sure hadn’t. You see in order for me to justify a decadent doughnut treat, it seemed the deep-fried type… should remain the correct way to go. But recently, I found myself finally purchasing a few doughnut pans to add to my ever-expanding bakeware collection. And I’ve been dreaming in doughnuts ever since.

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Sea Salt Caramel Truffle Brioche Doughnuts

Sea Salt Caramel Truffle Brioche DoughnutsSea Salt Caramel Truffle Brioche Doughnuts

“Come back. Even as a shadow,
even as a dream.” – Euripides, Herakles

If you’re a close reader of my blog, you’ll know that I sometimes get fixated on certain things. And my latest obsession returns back to brioche. We seem to have a bit of a love/hate relationship – brioche and I, but lately I’ve been making, baking and thus “testing” it quite a bit.

Sea Salt Caramel Truffle Brioche Doughnuts

This recipe was actually inspired by a half-batch of brioche dough I had left-over from an article written for eHow. I wanted to put the remaining dough to good use, and some sort of indulgent dough based treat seemed the right fit. So I guess you could say I created this recipe out of spontaneous necessity, but arguably, it’s become one of my personal favourites.

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